HB Régence 5'11" SURFboard

HB-Surfkite Lafayette 6'1"


Größe: 5’11’’ - 19’’ - 2 7/16’’

Volumen: 29 Liter



Der perfekte Reisebegleiter zum Wellenreiten!


If you only take one board this is that you need, versatile it goes fast and turn in the pocket.

Easy take off thanks to its adjusted volume, fast and manoeuvrable, it is the perfect board to perform any type of wave from 50cm to 2m.

A carbon strip bottom helps to concentrate flex at the tail and strengthen against breaking.

The light construction is specific to paddle surfing and is not suitable for surfkite.

Featuring new FCS II fin boxes, which improves water flow and offers efficient keyless system for quick fin installation and release.


Ein Board für alle Bedingungen. Pure Surfing!


 Auf Lager.

Preis (deck only): €595

FCS II Finnen dazu: €85

HB tail pad dazu: €45

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