Zeeko hydrofoil

Zeeko bietet im Einstiegsbereich ein hervorragendes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis mit Hydrofoils ab 799€



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Zeeko Blaster




The new BLASTER hydrofoil from ZEEKO completes the hydrofoil range. On the program, a wide range of use perfectly suited to beginners thanks to its ease of ride but also its strength with its wings in G10. Its new design allows the BLASTER to have excellent value for money.








Preis: 799,-€


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Zeeko Spitfire

ZEEKO’s R & D office is proud to announce the release of the latest evolution of the ‘Alloy Series’ hydrofoil:

The SPITFIRE Hydrofoil.


This foil is a revolution in terms of design.

The totally innovative geometry allows you to taste the joys of an hydrofoil with surfboarding f eeling. The Spitfire is the fruit of years of R & D geared towards fun. After developing a range of freeride foil wings, we have created the Carver wings and with the Spitfire we took it to a higher level and made a total breakthrough in design.


Our goal was simple: introduce a foil with the best control in the curves and a carving potential beyond standard. For that, it was necessary to find a geometry creating the same feeling as a surfboard, to have a foil that does not stall during hard turns.


This development has brought additional characteristics: the foil is more docile during the falls, is faster in light winds, has an incredible upwind ability all this with wings 30% smaller.




What’s new:

- New innovative, efficient and safe design

- Extreme carving capacity

- Excellent upwind

- Hydrofoil dedicated to wave riding and jumping

- Feeling of carving similar to surfboard

- New fast mounting plate

Preis: 999,-€


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Zeeko white&green Alloy foil





ZEEKO R & D offices are proud to announce the release of the latest development foils 'Alloy Series'.


An aluminum foil with the best quality / price ratio.


- A finish further increased

- Improved hydrodynamic fuselage

- New quick plate/board connexion

- A wider range of fins option covering all types of practice

- transport case delivered with the foil







Preis: 949,-€


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Preis: 89€

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Zeeko Mast/Strut Upgrade



Zeeko Alloy Mast/Strut


kompatibel mit black&white, white&blue und white&green edition Alloy foils

komplett mit Baseplate zur Boardmontage, in verschiedenen Längen:


40cm   269€


70cm   269€


90cm (Standard)   269€


96cm   289€

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Zeeko white & blue edition alloy hydrofoil








Blue wings


The front wing is design with an anhedral curve giving more control at high speed. The wings are made using a new process of molding using Pre preg fiberglass. The wings are durable and the hydrofoil easy to control.










Preis: 899,-€

Zeeko black & white edition alloy hydrofoil






Zeeko department designed a brand new foil in the 2016 range : an alloy foil with the best quality/price ratio.


After winning all the magazine tests in 2015, the new 2016 Alloy Hydrofoil pushes the limit of the quality and the rigidity.

The front and back wings of the alloy foil are inspired by the shape of the Carbon Series, allowing to increase the performance of its foil by simply changing mast and fuselage.

The alloy foil is fully removable, comes with carry strengthened case, protecting each element of the foil, allowing easy storage and transport.






What's new in 2016: 


- New Design of the fuselage

The 2016 Zeeko Hydrofoil introduces a new design of the fuselage with a simplified connection to the wings  and the mast. Thanks to a new technology of CNC, It offers a more hydrodynamical profile decreasing the drag of the fuselage at low speed.

The fuselage is even easier to be assembled, the 2 plastics connectors to the wings are deleted.

Also the fuselage is made with a new aluminium alloy which gives more rigidity, then more control at high speed and during turns.


- New plate 

The Foil is suitable to all board of the market with inserts and rails.

Also the plate is made with a new aluminium alloy which gives more rigidity to the plate, then more control at high speed and during turns.


- New wings

Wings are full G10 made with a new milling process more accurate and providing a better finishing . The wings are super strong and rigid. The wings are durable and the hydrofoil easy to control.



The alloy foil has a very good speed potential, thanks to its stability.

Highly scalable, you will learn the foil and improve without being limited by its performance.

ACCESSIBILITY & freeride / Ideal for beginners

Here are the advantages of using alloy foil instead of a carbon foil, in order to learn how to control a foil :

- The mast is 10 cm shorter than carbon foil ; the balance will be easier to find than a long mast

- The yaw effect is less felt = you get more control

(To illustrate the yaw effect, look a foil by the top and imagine the back wing wing from right to left, with fixed point the front wing)

- The speed is more controllable.

- The price among the lowest in the market without losing quality, is a decisive argument for novices.




High quality alloy. Rigidity and corrosion resistance.

The two parts are anodized and painted, offering double protection.

DIMENSIONS Length 90 cm Thickness 15 mm





Profile designed for maximum comfort and stability

The shape of these two wings allows the supports are balanced between the front and back leg, and that whatever the speed.


100% G10: durability and rigidity



This fin provides greater stability, reducing the yaw effect. The distance between the screws is the same as on twin tip boards.

Use with a fin > 3.5 cm = ideal for beginners and racers (yaw control, stability) Use with a fin < 3.0 cm = ideal for use in the waves

4.0cm fin supplied with the alloy foil.



100% G10: durability and rigidity



The aluminum parts are anodized and painted, offering double protection. The aluminum used is the most resistant to salt water.

It is recommended to use the T gel for the screws, supplied when buying.




Preis: 849,-€

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Zeeko Pocket Air Foil & Surf

The Pocket Air board is the perfect board to learn a new experience. This board will follow your progression pushing your limits.

Super strong, bombproof and thin board, it increases and eases the control of the hydrofoil.

The board is supplied with inserts to connect 4 twintip fins (optional), the board is also rideable as a directional without the hydrofoil. Travel light with one board.

The nose rocker of the Pocket AIR is very pronounced, allowing an ideal control during touch down and preventing catapults without the need of a thicker board.

The Pocket Air can be ridden with 0,1,2 or 3 straps.

The Pocket Air is made using the latest snowboard tehcnology.

The core is full wood, and the caps are made with ABS fabric. The building is bombproof, and very rigid for a 17mm thick board.


HYDROFOIL CONNECTION Plate: easy and bombproof

Holes: 160mm X 85mm

SIZE 150x46cm





Preis: 699,-€

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Zeeko Slash 5'4" Surf & Foil







5'4" x 18 1/2" x 1.7" 





footstraps (optional)


HYDROFOIL CONNECTION Plate: easy and bombproof

Holes: 160mm X 85mm








Preis: 799,-€

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Zeeko Mini Pocket Board






The Mini Pocket board is perfect for hydrofoilers searching for freedom. Thin board increases maneuverability.

The Mini Pocket is a board without concessions, ultra short, strapless usable only , it will delight riders in search of thrills.






Auf Lager!


Preis: 649€

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Zeeko Pocket Board



 Dimensions : 

155 x 46 x 2.5 cm 


Construction : 

Composite core / FiberGlass


2 front strap positions : V or longitudinal (straps not included) 


Ideal for progress and doing tricks in foil. 

Board made in Europe

Check the technical informations about the POCKET BOARD






 Leider ausverkauft.


Preis: 649,-€

Unboxing: Zeeko Alloy foil & Pocket board

Zeeko Carbon Foil


Zeeko Carbon Freeride Foil



- An extremely high-quality construction

- Carbon mast

- Carbon made and profiled fuselage

- Adjustable Yaw effect

- Negative lift stabilizator wing

- Finishing made in the mold


- French R&D and design, european production











Preis: 1849,-€

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