AXIS Twin-Wave 2016

Axis Limited

The 2016 AXIS Twinwave is a unique twintip that has been designed specifically for the waves. The concept is not a new one, actually a  kickback to the roots of Twintips.   That’s right Axis is OG and know that there are those of you who want waves on a twintip.


The V Spine bottom profile and the tucked rail allow this board to glide effortlessly from edge to edge. The Twinwave is a directional twintip, with the tucked edges tapering into a harder edge at the tail. There are also multiple fin placements to accentuate the directional aspect of the board, or simply ride as a standard twintip.  The Twinwave is dedicated to the waves but also excels in the chop, not quite ready for a directional kite surfboard?  Here is the perfect transition from a twintip into the progressive and dynamic world of kitesurfing. Kawabunga!! 



FINS: 50mm, 70mm, 80mm




148 x 43


Preis: €759

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