AXIS Tranq 2016

Axis Limited

This board was designed by Alex Lewis-Hughes to do what he likes best, everything! The 2016 Tranq has undergone a complete rebuild, but should still be a familiar ride. We’ve kept its versatile outline and rocker, and tweaked the channel shapes and rail to give a smoother faster ride with quicker acceleration, less torsional flex and softer landings.


The new thick PU rails transform the feel of the board, and come from the factory slightly rounded, you could tune the rails more yourself for an even softer ride. The thick rails allow the paulownia wood core to be thicker through the centre of the Tranq for a stiffer board with less torsional flex and a flatter deck to keep even the crappiest binding baseplates sitting flush. The rails taper towards the tips, allowing flex for those interested in getting bendy on rails. Heavy duty P-Tex top and bottom sheets have been screenprinted with the purest blackness for durability and extra badness.





142 x 43


Preis: €559

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